What Is The Real Agenda of Our Government?

What is the real agenda of our government?  The agenda it has for itself, or for all of us?  It’s different for each.

For itself, it’s to keep the power elite in power and prevent anyone or anything from putting that at risk. Then those in real-agendapower stay in power – no, not just politicians – but really the ones pulling all the strings- the BIG DONORS- George Soros,  Tom Steyer… Hedge Fund Managers – and Political Action Committees from both parties.   

Want to know who else? Look at the following:

These are the people hidden from view.

For us individually, it’s to subjugate us; to take advantage of our ignorance and emotions and drive us like a herd of animals in the direction it wishes us to go.

It became very apparent this year that what I believed to be true about elections in America – was a myth – that being that people actually picked their candidate as opposed to the DNC, or the RNC, who did their utmost to get their selected choice selected.

Through all of these past years I knew they were part of the process, but I would have never dreamed that they would actually try to rig the results, and then when they didn’t get their way, selfishly destroy their own party, or engage in subterfuge.

Real agenda of our governmentYou could argue that the popular Republican candidate won in spite of the RNC, and you’d be right- but the RNCs consideration to rig the convention and some in the GOP party’s favorable reaction was to me abhorrent. 

Republicans who promised on national TV to support the winning nominee lied. Republicans in office pulled support and violated their own party principles. 

Democrats learned totally by accident that their DNC sabotaged the Barney Sanders campaign. Were it not for leaked emails we’d never have known about the hypocrisy and their dirty secret would still be a secret.

You don’t really believe this is the first time they did this do you

Sanders still could have won if all super delegates had been given to him instead of Hillary. Yes, I’m aware that without any super delegates Hillary still would have won- Well then, why have super delegates? So that the party can rig who becomes the nominee, of course. It’s corrupt. It’s worse than merely dishonest. It must be changed.  

People clearly are not all equal – not in looks, size, build, brains, athletic talent – many things -but we are hypothetically equal in terms of our constitutional rights.  But maybe not.

We should of late, have begun to realize that we are not all treated equally under the law. 

Some feel they are singled out for additional scrutiny, and others are allowed to slip through the system untouched. From where I’m sitting, both appear to be the case.

Part of this happens because “our system” is not a system at all. It’s a lot of systems- all different and with different parties in control and different agendas and not operating under the same rules.

Some people in different enforcement agencies have been given orders from above to look the other way and ignore enforcing specific laws (never acceptable). We know this to be true because lower level enforcement NEVER makes that type of decision without pressure from above.

My view- if you don’t like a law, change it. But don’t ignore it UNTIL while it’s on the books.

Need some proof?

Look at sanctuary cities vs. the Border Patrol, or the FBI and the Justice Department’s current internal scandals, or behavior and enforcement from local Sheriffs and Police Departments.

Law enforcement at all levels is supposed to be honorable. However, the real agenda’s of our government are not necessarily honorable ones. Government has tainted law enforcement.

A cure? I think many of us feel our system is broken. I feel we need a top dog- a head honcho – a number one person who will fix it both from the top down and the bottom up. 

That person needs to aggressively fire the incompetent. They need to fire those who favor anyone in the application of justice. They need to fire and prosecute the corrupt, and set in place strict standards and make a few changes to DEAL SEVERELY with breaches of national security, or bypassing rules and regulations, or failing to follow the law when doing their job.

This needs to be done in every branch of government – at all levels – federal, state and local.

That person at the top CANNOT be an insider. He or she MUST not be part of what’s wrong. They need to look at it objectively and not be influenced by the outcome.

I’m not suggesting you vote for anyone in particular.  I’m suggesting that in 4 years you’d better have found that person and get them into office.

Any thoughts on the real agenda of our government?


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