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Religion. Good or Bad For Mankind?

It can be both. It sometimes is both.

Your religion is your set of beliefs. You are entitled to them. I would fight for your right to have and express them, regardless of the fact that I likely don’t believe them.

So too is your right to have no religious beliefs, and to express those  views.

I feel we need to grow more tolerant of those with different views.

We seem to be very intolerant of others with different views these days- religious- political- social.

Religion good or bad they wish to speak and you don’t want to hear,  don’t attend. Go do something else such as organize a counter argument speech.

Don’t push your face into the face of others. You invade their space. You deserve what happens next. You provoked it. Stay back. Remain in control of yourself.

Be academic, and organize a debate.  Be proactive, be peaceful, not emotional.

You do NOT HAVE  a right to NOT be offended by someone else’s free speech as long as they act within the law. Toughen up your skin.

Why not listen quietly. You might learn something, if nothing more than how to better counter their argument.

I grew up in a time when walking out on the local pier, I was often approached by a well meaning young person who asked, “Have you heard the word of God today?”

My high school aged friends and I would look at each other and question, Seriously?  Tell them “no thank you” and keep walking.

I am not religious even though once in my life I studied religion- and a lot of other philosophies. It was my way of trying to better understand the world.

I am grateful that we live in a country that allows us that expression. The June 4th issue of “The Economist ” has an excellent article on free speech. Read it.

On the other hand, if your beliefs become intolerant of others who think or believe differently, and you move beyond mere expression, you begin to tread on the rights of others.

You need to stop there and backup.

When your behavior expresses itself in physicality – acts against others or their property – you should be arrested and detained. At that point your views are not the issue. YOU are the issue. So it is with radicalism.

Anyone who acts out against others whether motivated by their religion, political beliefs, social beliefs, whatever their beliefs oversteps their bounds and, I feel needs to be, at that instant by whatever force necessary, removed from our presence for as long as it takes for them to permanently abandon that behavior.

Look at world history at the crimes against humanity committed in the name of religion. Is the religion, in and of itself bad? Or are the people running it bad?

To answer question that you need to study the stated philosophy of THAT particular belief.

Look how the Catholic Church has evolved from burning heretics to now accepting evolution and promoting science.

Many good things have been perverted by a few with evil intent.  

The “good thing” becomes perverted by the bad. Get rid of the bad and it can be good once again. Leaders make the decisions and it is more often than not, the leaders who are bad. Remove them.

Eradicating those who engage in evil -a subjective standard- religious or otherwise,  I feel,  should be the worlds mission.

What are your thoughts on the good or evil of the worlds beliefs and religions?

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