Russia, China, International Terrorists. Who Poses More of a Danger to The USA?

Who poses more of a danger to the US; Russia, China or international terrorists?

In my book, International terrorists are certainly an equal threat to either Russia or China.

It’s a different kind of threat, but extremely serious. Terrorists ability to infiltrate our population and potentially Russia China and International terroristscommit violent acts as happened in San Bernardino, California or to commit an act of sabotage against  targets such as vital water resources or utility infrastructure makes them extremely  dangerous, destructive and disruptive.

An example just today;  two packages were found chained to poles near a Los Angeles metro rail station. Trains were stopped, and long delays occurred. The packages were cleared and service resumed but only after great inconvenience to riders. Those types of delays to air and ground transportation can cost millions of dollars in the aggregate. People stop getting to work on time, and commerce can seriously slow, as well as our economy if the threat is large enough.

Each event, real or not, wastes money and time. The only alternative is to risk disaster.

Personally I’d rather wait out the risk and complain, which I’m told I do rather well.

I am most concerned about potential damage to our power grid as mentioned above. A hacking event or sabotage could shut down our electrical system for weeks, possibly months.

We don’t tend to deal well with calamity, yet to defeat terrorism we need to get back up after we get knocked down.

[newsletter_lock] Back in 2001, after 9-11, many became the depressed. Our national mood changed. Many people cancelled their travel plans more because they no longer felt like going anywhere rather than because of fear.

Hotels, airlines and vacation locations suffered,. We slumped into an economic slow-down.

We need to be mentally prepared for when something evil happens again. Sadly it will.

In contrast to domestic terrorists, if we for some crazy reason engaged either Russia or China militarily, it would most likely involve an isolated skirmish in some remote location– perhaps over the South China Sea, or perhaps on a border near Ukraine. No one wants such a thing to escalate.

There would be nothing to be gained. Territory is unlikely to change, economic loss would loom large as would the negative impact on the world  and world opinion, which is very important to us all.

We have laws and rules that enable authorities to protect us. New liberalism wishes to put roadblocks in their way and work against them. 

Why the anti- Americanism?  I think it’s gone too far.  We are at war with radical extremism; on the left, on the right, and from abroad.  If we don’t protect what we have here there will be nothing left to protect. Just my thoughts.

What are your thoughts? They are more important. Tell us what  you think. 


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