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A Sixth Extinction Event on Land?

An article recently published about a sixth extinction event, talked about among other things, us overfishing our seas- which I believe we have done for quite some time – and it spoke of serious consequences to some world populations dependent on fishing. 

The earth has a lot of people living upon its resources. There needs to be a moratorium for a time on fishing some varieties to allow fish populations to come back. 

extinction event nowThe people living in those areas need a stable food supply to eat while those populations return.

There are solutions available to us all today that would go a long way to mitigate potential future calamity. 

We can mitigate run-away carbon emissions that will affect our oceans and our lives if we think smart and move toward wasteburner molten salt reactors. Read about them.

World-wide use would go a long way toward slowing down recent issues on carbon production and future climatic change. They don’t pollute, they are safe,  and actually use up nuclear waste.

We need to aggressively move toward natural gas in place of gasoline. It isn’t perfectly clean, but it’s cleaner and cheaper than gasoline and available NOW. Some busses  and taxis use it in California.

Population control is the other major issue. In spite of religious beliefs to the contrary, effective education about, and  birth control of some sort MUST be available and strongly pushed especially in runaway third world population areas unable to support or sustain themselves.  

A limited amount of resources  spread over an ever larger population decreases individual aid and worsens the problem. Our previous aid has encouraged larger populations in some areas. Without the availability of birth control they will be seriously affected.

sixth extinction eventThe rest of us need to be aware of our own footprints and do our part. 

We waste enormous amounts of food here in the US. each of us. 

We’d have more financial resources if we waste less. Portion sizes in restaurants need not be so HUGE. A price reduction in the meal should accompany the smaller serving. Wine in some places is offered in  2 ounce, 4 ounce , and 6 ounce pours., all at different prices.  Why not make a meal size available in the same way? 

Many food issues occur as result of government policies such as farm subsidies. Subsidies for ethanol production from corn created world wide food shortages as it drove up corn prices worldwide. 

All subsidies need to be reanalyzed and in some cases change needs to occur in spite of agribusiness lobbying efforts.  We cannot afford an extinction event.

Our country has plentiful water resources. Some water needs to be sold and redistributed for agriculture and populations. 

I’m NOT suggesting taking water away from anyone. 

I’m speaking of excess water- such as during times of flooding. 

We have millions of miles of oil pipelines that cross our country. Why not add another multi-dozen pipelines for water on each route to move water from areas prone to flood and bring it to the southwest where food is grown? 

People in St Louis wouldn’t be thrilled to receive money for excess water they don’t want flooding their homes?

It’s a potential huge state revenue source. Sell and pipe that water to areas that can grow food. It’s a revenue source for the seller, and the pipeline company and the grower- it benefits everyone. 

Parts of inland Mexico receive over 100 inches of rainfall each year. Therefore, we should build a reservoir then sell and pipe excess water north into Southern California. Launching such a project would create billions of dollars of wealth for Mexico, not to mention jobs and resources the income can be used to better the lives of its people. 

In conclusion, with proper planning we need never have a land extinction event- or certainly not for at least 100,000 years, long after we have better learned how to manage and control worldwide resources, colonize space and survive. Therefore, I vote No land extinction event! 

What are your thoughts?

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