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Smart and Anxious or Stupid and Happy? Your Choice.

Would I rather be smart, anxious, concerned, or even depressed or be stupid but happy?

The former – always.

I’d rather survive than perish. I want to be aware of a problem or disaster bearing down on me and get to safety rather than be oblivious, happy and likely soon to be dead.

Bury your head in the sandI’m sure the victims of a tsunami find the retreating ocean and flopping fish to be mystical and entertaining, “hey look there goes the ocean!”  But those aware know what is coming their way. Their awareness might be emotionally devastating knowing why the ocean retreats but not nearly as much as what event will soon befall them.

I know a lot of people who appear to me to be the stupid but happy sort. They like to ignore reality and stick their heads in the sand by choice. I categorize  a lot of idealists in this category.

I think it’s great to want or wish for things, but an aggressive adversary doesn’t think that way. Take ISIL- they want to kill you. Given a chance, they will kill you. 

  • The lack of worry or stress in life lets people enjoy their perceived life in ways I don’t enjoy mine. But the operative word here is “perceived”.

The life they think they live is not reality. Issues abound around them. Not being aware of them, or choosing to ignore their impact does not make them any less real, or does it make them better.

Smart or stupidMore often  it makes them worse. Obliviousness to having skin cancer does not make skin cancer go away. It simply metastasizes and kills you.

Flying into Brazil knowing you can’t prevent all mosquito bites would lead me not to go to Brazil,  if I were a young man or woman. I think the Olympic committees decision to not relocate venues throughout South America to prevent exposure is the most selfish, self-serving act I have seen in quite awhile.  

The greatest risk is for those who come to see the games. What will they bring back to their home countries? We will know all too soon.

Maybe stupidity and lack of reason is the Darwinian way nature improves the gene pool and makes the stupid go extinct.

Our stresses shorten our life we are told.  But I believe more often than not our wisdom obtained dealing with what  causes the stress can lengthen life. It makes us more aware with how to eliminate or reduce the cause of the stress in our future.

Having smarts- street smarts- real smarts- is a virtue. If you have them use them. If you know those without them mentor them.

Any thoughts on being smart, or not so smart? Happy or not so happy?

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