Hello World – I Am Smarter Than Albert Einstein

An Einstein? I have to admit, I was a very strange kid.  Usually I was one who wore full calf socks with Bermuda shorts, or a pair of plaid shorts and a striped shirt. I had a plastic pocket liner full of mechanical pencils. In those days we carried Pickett slide rules in place of portable calculators which were yet to be.

Growing up was an interesting experience for me. My father had a job that required we move around the country every Einsteinfive years and so I was forced to make new friends – who I must say were as odd as I was and usually interested in the same things – astrophysics and rocketry.

I was most crazy about astro-physics. It’s what I lived for, but I ended up attending a small liberal arts college and that made a world of difference in my life. One of the great benefits of a liberal arts education is that as a student, you are forced to pick classes you would never think to take – like far eastern religions, or the archaeology of Mesopotamia or physical and social anthropology. As it turns out I had many, many areas of interest – some that I would have never guessed. I still love them today.

I never thought about myself as bright. Fellow students occasionally used to call me Galileo, or once in a while Einstein, but at least until early adulthood, I had moved around and manage to miss most student testing, and had never been thoroughly tested as to my abilities. For those that are curious, my grades in school were typically A’s and B’s. I was not a particularly motivated student in high school; that came later when I matured and decided to apply myself. This lack of maturity is, I believe, a major factor with many under achieving students today.

Years later, one of my peers at work, a member of Mensa, was the first to suggest I take their test and see if I could qualify to get in. My results surprised me, and I, of course, got in. This is why I would encourage any of you who feel you are sharp to obtain a sample test and take it at home. No one needs to know your score. You need not share it with anyone. But if you score high enough – at or within the top 2% of the population, you may join.

That score, by the way, varies a bit depending on which test you take, but it is approximately IQ 130. At 135 you are in the 99th percentile and at 160 in the 99.997th percentile.

Because of my score, I took another test through an outside licensed psychologist, and still others to validate those findings. The highest IQ score is what you are given credit for. In my case that came in at 167, which is higher than Einstein. I have saved my results, of course, to be able to substantiate that.

So, do I feel special? No, not really. I feel just like you do. It is true I do have certain abilities that I try to exploit – I can often see some relationships between things that others do not see, at least at first until after I explain it to them – think of this as seeing some remote cause and effect. I am also creative, and quick witted. I have a British sense of humor, and I love to help people.

In this blog, I will express the best answers that come to my mind. They certainly are not the only answers, but they will be mine. I promise to tell it like I see it.

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