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My Ideas For Solving Global Warming?

Here are my Ideas for solving global warming?

Take baby steps – a lot of them. Can we stop arguing semantics and approach global warming as an actual problem to be solved (whether you believe it to be real or not)

How about if I present solutions that won’t harm us financially, or inconvenience us if it turns out that there is no human caused global climate change, but will help mitigate the problem if there is? A Win Win?

Let’s look at this issue another way. Earth has endured changes in its climate many, many times before. Man too, has seen change over the past many tens of thousands of years. Our brains evolved and we endured an ice age. I have immense respect for human intellect to figure out solutions to problems. I am hopeful that we will find solutions here as well.

How is it that we find ourselves in this quagmire of controversy and emotion? Let’s start by looking at another coming human problem. How we deal with it will tell us a lot about human behavior and our willingness to endure short term cost and inconvenience for a long term benefit.

People in California have been warned for years about a coming earthquake that is probably going to be quite large. More than likely, its effects will devastate the area for quite some time, as well as have a major negative impact on the US economy. Much of the damage will come from broken water mains, broken sewer pipes, broken streets and Global Warminginfrastructure, tilted foundations, and collapsed structures. It will take decades afterwards to wait out the aftershocks and rebuild it all. Even people who have no structural damage to their dwellings may have to relocate if they have no access to clean water, or sewage disposal, or power. You can see how this problem can grow quickly –there will be massive bank defaults, property tax defaults, and for those who ask, there is not really earthquake insurance. There is a state program, but it is much underfunded.

I suspect if you asked people here if they believe an earthquake will happen in the future, they would nod affirmatively, say yes, and go about their business. Most do nothing. It’s an afterthought. For them and most of us, it will occur at an unknown time in the future – 30 years ago; they told us that there was a 100% probability the big one would happen in the next 30 years. It never happened. WHEN will the people act and do something? AFTER it happens. It’s a people problem.

The climate change issue is somewhat similar. Most seem that they would rather do nothing than something that costs them money now or changes their lives in ways they don’t like such as inconveniencing them in some way, and especially if they don’t believe the claims of those that promote the issue, or question their motives.

Unfortunately the Global Warming/climate change issue has become very political. Some scientists   have published inaccurate or hastily contrived data which for some has thrown the credibility of the whole issue into question.

Many financially impacted interests – some oil companies for example – have done their best to muddy the water as well. This reminds me of tobacco companies denying that smoking cigarettes contributes to disease. What seemed even worse was that it became a “liberal agenda” item. No conservative would ever be caught dead joining the other side. But what if it’s true? What has to happen for you to admit you were wrong and join in to help mitigate damage? How long will you wait to do something about it? Perhaps after it’s too late?

If we can’t solve the issue (here, presuming it exists), for the time being, we can come up with a painless compromise that will at the same time save you money and also mitigate the problem.

I do like the mantra, “DO NO HARM!”


Why not have dual systems that will enable us to switch and use either natural gas or gasoline, so we don’t run out of fuel before being able to reach a natural gas refueling stations – at least until they are common? Because there are other vested interests, and they care about themselves. They must be defeated.

Those vested interests want us to wait and wait and wait until we can use hydrogen to power our cars. SERIOUSLY ? When? Certainly not soon. Our buses and taxicabs and even trash trucks use compressed natural gas (CNG). Sure, natural gas does produce some carbon dioxide as a byproduct, but it’s a lot cleaner than gasoline, and it’s a lot cheaper. It’s been available for years. Let’s use it!


That electricity has to be generated somewhere. It is much more efficient for the vehicle to burn natural gas, than it is to burn even more natural gas to generate the electricity, send the electricity through wires where some of it is lost, and then use it to power vehicles. Answer – vested interests again. People made lots of money on those contracts and guess what – they were friends and donors of the politicians that approved them.


Today’s new generation of nuclear power station is much, much, much safer than what we have experienced in our past.

This needs to be publicly vetted both on national television and over the net – to capture all audiences – through weeks of discussions FROM SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS and we need to ALL learn about it and then decide what we want and vote on it. It should be a logical decision based upon pure science.


These are three of my personal favorite suggestions for reducing global warming. Any of these ideas would help reduce greenhouse gasses without inconveniencing anyone. It would reduce costs and do no harm – or at least less harm than what we have in place.

What ideas do you have to reduce global warming?

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