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Straight or Gay? What/Who Determines?

What Determines Whether Someone is Straight or Gay?

Shouldn’t one’s gender identity be determined by the person themselves? I think so. How else would you do it? Blind guesses based on mannerism or appearance? Only the person knows how they view themselves or their own feelings or how they identify sexually or their own thoughts. [newsletter_lock]

gy or straightAnother’s  perceptions of behavior or mannerisms based on their observations comes from their own life experiences not the person about whom they are rendering the opinion.

That opinion comes with  the personal bias and prejudice (either positive or negative) of that person.

Whether it may or may not be a correct assessment, in our world,  an expression of that opinion still has the potential to harm the other person.

In some countries it could mean a death sentence – as bad or worse treatment than 15th century barbarity.

Personally I avoid concluding a number of things about others unless they just come right out and tell me. It isn’t an important consideration to me. If the person chooses to share, I always ask if I should keep their disclosure confidential.

Unless I am told that it is okay to discuss it, I say nothing to anyone else.

As for relevance, does it really matter what any of us chose to be? It’s our own internal drive not learned behavior as Evangelicals would have you believe. We have debated brain cell size, which is subtle, or other genetic sources, or upbringing or multiple other causations. To me it doesn’t matter. What is, is. It’s your decision to make not mine. Why not just enjoy people for who they are?

What are your thoughts as to gender identity?
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