This Summer in Cleveland and Philadelphia. What Will Happen?

Hopefully civil people will behave in respectful ways towards all other people, both those with whom they agree or disagree. It’s about respect for others opinions.Republican National Convention 2016 DNC2016

In reality, it may turn into a group of emotionally irresponsible hooligans misbehaving because, they actually mistakenly believe  that it might persuade others of their viewpoint. It won’t.  Not at all. Quite the contrary.

What it does do is to make some people so angry that they too misbehave and physical conflict results. That also is not acceptable even when provoked. Let the authorities handle it.

The solution, I believe, is for police in both cities to quickly respond IF the boundaries of free speech and protest are overstepped and to come down HARD on those that dare to commit violence against others.

Notice that my opinion applies against any violator and that affiliation with any particular group or party is to me irrelevant, unless that particular group, advocates unprovoked violence toward others as it has for example with some recently organized hooligan Bernie supporters. I’d arrest everyone in that group and charge them. I have nothing against Bernie just with some of his hooligans. 

I think our right to free speech is much at risk these days. I speak now not of the speaker but of the loud protestor trying to stop someone from exercising their right to free speech.

Too many think they have the right to shout down and make sure others do not have the right to speak. THEY DO NOT. And as well, prevent others who desire to hear from doing so.  Not so.

I advocate swift arrest and removal of all of those that engage in such behavior. The police need to act aggressively.

On a related  topic, I am further appalled at the flagrant prejudice, hypocrisy,  and closed mindedness expressed on many college and university campuses these days- barring those with different opinions. from themselves.

In several cases, If a speaker does not share the political opinion of the faculty or of the majority of students, those speakers are often barred from speech on campus.

How dare they! What  preposterous juvenile misfits they are! They bring disgrace upon their school. They have soiled themselves. No university was ever founded on such principles.

Why not do something courageous – why not invite a recently shunned speaker such as Condoleezza Rice to speak on your campus. Who cares if your beliefs differ. Listen and evaluate what you hear, then debate issues civilly.

As for the presidential primaries- if you live in Philadelphia or Cleveland, don’t disgrace yourselves. Show the world that you are gracious hosts. 

So what are your thoughts on what will happen this summer at the presidential conventions?

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