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What One Thing Has Surprised Me Most About Life?

What one thing has surprised me most about life? The incredible speed with which it has seemed to pass by.

The younger you are, the less aware of that sensed speed. For a child a birthday away seems like an eternity.

Surprised me most about lifeTo a brand new parent waking up in the middle of the night those first few months , it seems like it will never end, but then it does. Your baby will undoubtedly start doing something – perhaps making some noise- that will drive you nuts.  Just when you don’t think you can stand it, they stop doing that particular thing and find something else to do.  That now begins to drive you nuts- such as throwing food and everything you hand them to the floor.

Another thing that surprised me most was  that before you know it they are 1, then 2.  Next thing before you know it again, starting pre-school.

Relish every one of those kid packed, jammed weekends.  While you may grow sick and tired of soccer or volleyball or ice skating or softball or baseball or football practice, your children are getting older.  If you don’t treasure it, that time will quickly pass by and I promise, you WILL look back and miss it!

surprise me most empty nestBy 13, kids want to spend time with their friends not you, and then in an instant they start high school, graduate and they are off to college, or perhaps in the military, or doing something else.

For the first time in many years you and your spouse may be alone. And zoom, then your kids have graduated college and some might move home again until they find work, or as in my case they went off to grad schools.

In your own lives, as all of this is transpiring, you have aged.  You are now 22 or more years older – now in your 40’s perhaps or maybe older.

You’ve gained wrinkles and crinkles.  Even though you workout you don’t quite look it feel like you did at 20.

Let me drop you  a clue. The NEXT 20 years will go by faster than the last 20. You will be 60 next month!

So as I recommend, live every day of your life, and make the best of bad,  even sad situations. They always pass and we move forward.

You might not think this discussion important but perhaps someday you will remember having read this.

Hopefully for you, you won’t be the person who longs for the past you missed and let slip by.

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