the divinity of Christ

The Divinity of Christ. Are There Any Issues?

I have no particular issues per se with the divinity of Christ, only that there is a total and complete lack of any proof whatsoever of that divinity.  

the divinity of ChristNo written works from Christ, about Christ or concerning Christ  FROM THE TIME of Christ exist, or are known to have EVER existed. Other written works exist, many far older. Just none of it about Jesus.

Works from Tacitus were written after 64 CE (Common Era as opposed to AD), about Nero’s issue with Christians.

Suetonius (69-122CE)  in his “Lives of Caesars” refers again to issues with Christian’s.

Pliny the Younger (61-113 CE) wrote a letter about Christians. I received an argument on this before from a Christian scholar who wanted to quote Polycarp- a 2nd century CE scholar. (69-155 CE).

None of these works prove anything about Jesus- only the existence of his followers. They are all words written AFTER.

Followers after the fact MIGHT indicate Jesus existed. But who was he?

Mathew. Mark, Luke and John did NOT author the New Testament books by their name. They were actually authored by pseudonymous (unknown) Greek authors long after Jesus.

The new Christian “churches” that sprang up were many. Many had different beliefs and viewpoints about Jesus- odd isn’t that IF there was only one TRUE story.

EARLY Christian followers didn’t believe in his resurrection – that came later from Paul. It appears that without Paul, Christianity as we know it might have never existed. So this one man is responsible more than any other for today’s Christian religion.

Evidence of the divinity of ChristWhich story survived? The one told by the powerful successor of all churches. The political entity that gobbled up the others or took control of future followers after the death of the other versions:  The Catholic Church- the eventual Oligarch that grew and ate up and did away with all the “Christian” churches that came before it.

It alone came to rule over the Christian world. It planted its power base, made the rules, essentially denied popular literacy except for its clergy who told a largely illiterate ignorant populous what they were expected to do.

Because there were so few readers -Royalty and aristocracy- there were very few books, all hand written. There were not open discourses arguing points about rules, fairness or accuracy.

As a result, any dissension met with severe consequences. Others in power who opposed the church were either killed or made to conform- even Kings and Queens.

As I stated before does this mean Jesus didn’t exist? No. Does it mean he wasn’t the “son of God”? No.

Therefore, it means there is no proof- no written documents, no papyri- nothing YET found to support the claim about the divinity of Christ.

In conclusion, I personally do not believe in supernatural explanations. There are certainly many unknown events and unexplained phenomena. That does not mean that there is not a scientific explanation waiting to be found.

Your thoughts on the divinity of Christ are welcome.

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