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Who is Going To Be The Next President – An Update

This is an update on – Who Is Going To Be the Next President?

Well, if you read my previous article on this topic you know that while I aimed at Mars, I hit Pluto on this one!

You can, should you wish, go to that article and make fun of me. I deserve it. But it just goes to show that my guess is just as bad as most everyone else’s.


The last sentence of that article ends with the following comment:

“My bet is on Bush/ Kasich as the Republican ticket and Joe Biden to win the election – but what do I know about such things?”

I now know the answer – obviously nothing!  I missed both tickets.

presidential-seal Governor Kasich, as I understand it, has said he isn’t interested in running for Vice President. If that is the case, I need to guess again as to the makeup of both teams.  I hope that after Kasich drops out of the Presidential race he will reconsider.

We are now just past the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary.

I am still confused about the criminal aspects of Hillary’s home based server and her emails. She either DID or DID NOT violate the law. We’ve all heard comments from the State Department, or from “secret sources close to the FBI”.

The FBI and the US Attorney’s office know enough facts to make a determination and let us know. The American people have a right to know and they need to clear the air.

If Hillary is innocent of wrong doing they need to say so and why, so that this no longer hangs over her, or if not, they need to charge her. No special treatment and no political subterfuge are acceptable.

Thus far, government has remained silent. If there is something to any of this, it is far worse for us to wait until after people of multiple states have voted.

Had this been any of us what would have happened? It’s time to announce their findings.

Presuming that she will continue, I don’t see any reason she wouldn’t win the party nomination. It’s politics – down, dirty and corrupt. As for her running mate, I have no clue whom Hillary might choose. Possibly Mark Warner, the Senator from Virginia.

On the Republican side – I suspect Marco Rubio was mortally wounded by Chris Christy who at the same time fatally wounded himself. Let’s see how Rubio does in South Carolina. I don’t know if Cruz’s support will strengthen or fizzle out. I suspect strengthen.

Here’s my new guess – Trump picks up the nomination. He will select Kasich who I suspect will change his mind about running as Vice President.  Let’s see how this plays out.

Who might win?

If Hillary remains in the race, and Democrat voter turnout is moderate to high, she will win.

But if the Democrat voter turnout is low and Republican turnout is high, I believe the Republicans have a better chance of winning.

Should I guess again?

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