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If you do something that is wrong and you don’t get caught, is it alright?

No. It depends on what you mean by “wrong”, but it is still at the very least, a breach of etiquette, and more possibly  one of ethics, morality, perhaps the law, but most importantly your integrity.

The person you are is defined by you. No one else.

You are either honest or you are not. You tell the truth, or you lie. As stated in a previous article,  a mistruth-something honesty and integritysaid by you thought to be true that turns out to be false,  it’s an error. A mistake. It is not a lie.

Something you say that you knew to be false at the time that you said it, IS a lie. It is the state of your mind. Did you know or didn’t you know the falsity of the statement?

Likewise allowing someone to believe something you have said where they misunderstand your meaning and you fail to correct their misperception is also a lie.

Not telling the whole truth and leaving out pertinent details is a lie by omission. Distorting the truth is a lie of deception.

How you are perceived by others matters but it is not nearly as important as how you perceive yourself. If you desire [newsletter_lock] others to be honorable toward you, you must be honorable yourself.

If you dishonor yourself by doing something you know is morally or ethically wrong what does that say about you?

I’m speaking now of deliberate action, not something you did in error where you were unaware of the wrong at the time. That is, just as long as you correct your wrong and make it right.

It only takes one misstep to destroy your reputation. To regain trust again once thought to be untrustworthy is next to impossible. No one will ever REALLY trust you against. They might give you another chance but  be forever suspicious. They will always be watching you.

As with a cheating spouse, they have truly destroyed their relationship because they put themselves first and will likely cheat again and even if not, everyone will still always suspect it. So don’t risk your reputation in the first place. Protect it. 

It is your bond. Be upfront, disclose conflicts of interest, and act to do what is ethically and morally right.

Think how our world would be if everyone acted with integrity. So do your part.

So what are your thoughts on integrity?


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