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What can you do to improve your life? Part II

Did you read  Part 1 first?  

I made some presumptions about concentrating on what would have the most positive impact writing this half of the article, reducing its scope a bit. One of our biggest hurdles in life is not having enough money to get by. It impacts many of us. Money related problems can create enormous stress. Stress impacts our happiness.  It can lead to arguments, frustration and anger  Frequently those emotions carry over into our work  and can have a profound negative impact on our lives.

I felt addressing money matters might also help people  deal with stress and help more  than any other single solution, so let’s have at it. These ideas are based upon my observations and some personal experience. I hope they work for you.

There are a few ways to tackle money issues. You can make more of it, spend less of it, or remove from your life as much as possible, those things that lead to your money Moneyshortages. Let’s try to work in all three, and perhaps between them all, you might find yourself better off. You might not be able to do all three but hopefully you can do at least one.

First, and foremost, how do you make more money? Start here! Find out where your income is compared to others doing what you do, for your level of experience and education. Are your wages in the middle, the lower half, or the upper half?  How good a worker are you? Are you focused? Do you work hard? Seriously? Or do you spend a lot of time checking messages, texting, or looking at stuff on your computer. I know a lot of people in my office that hit the john more than necessary, carry on lengthy conversations not related to their work, or spend work time looking at websites. Do they seriously think their boss doesn’t know?
Do your boss and your peers think of you as being a really good worker? If your answer is no, than you need to change that perception. Such a change can lead to a raise or your promotion. 

If your answer is yes, ask your boss what you can do to earn a raise in pay and an advancement in position. That is different from asking for a raise. It is asking what you have to do to EARN a raise in pay. You are offering to do even more, for more.

So let’s say that neither of these ideas work out- what next? Think. Who are your company’s competitors in business near where you live, or are willing to go? What other companies do something similar? Why not contact one or more of them to see if you can interview and change jobs, and come work for them, and as part of your agreement increase your pay. People do it all the time. Another possibility, depending on your level of education, is to seek the help of your school.  If you are a college graduate or have a graduate degree, call your school placement office and speak with a counselor to enlist them in your search. If have not gone to college, but have completed high school, talk with the counselor from your local junior college to see and determine a career path. They can help select courses that will better educate you for better positions and a better life. If you have not yet graduated from high school, consider taking courses to complete your GED education and get a diploma.

Let’s look at your spending. Did you make a list of every dime that comes in and goes out? If not you need to do that. Where are you spending your money? What things are you buying? Can you slow or stop spending some of the money? Some things are expensive, cost a lot or add up fast – Fast food – Beer- liquor- tobacco – junk food, even just eating out too much.  Are you a shopaholic? Reign it in. Save the money,   or pay off debt if you owe it and get out of debt.

Are your payments too high? Is your car too expensive? Are repair bills eating up your money? Can you afford where you live, and how you live? Make the changes

Spend your time and create a list of “stuff” you are willing to give up. I’m not talking family heirlooms – those you keep if possible, but  a list of things you can sell to raise cash- if you can live without it perhaps get rid of it. Go on Craigslist or ebay, or some other market place and see what you can get for it. If you haven’t worn it lately sell it. If you don’t use it, sell it. If you can do without it, sell it.

Then either SAVE – DON’T SPEND THE MONEY  – or use the funds to reduce your debt. If you have credit card debt, pay off the cards that charge the highest interest rate, and don’t charge them up again.

Going forward think before you spend. As your situation improves, always think before you spend. Your life will get better, and your stress, at least your money stress will decline.

Let us know about how things are going for you. Tell us what you think about these suggestions and feel free to offer other ideas you may have. If you have other stress in your life and you wish me to give you my ideas ask me and I’ll let you know.

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