What College Should I Go To?

What College Should I go to?

Your college/ university selection is a very personal matter for you. Generally I suggest looking at the very best schools to which you can gain admission. Some of the top universities and colleges in the United States offer tuition assistance and some might help you find ways to pay for your education. The best way to find this out is to ask them. Don’t be afraid. They hear this question every single day.

The schools your parents will likely select will probably not be the same as those you would pick for yourself to attend. I’m a parent and I speak from personal experience, so do what you want. This will be one of the most important decisions of your life. Take the time and put in the effort and you will find your perfect match.

What College Should I AttendThere are many truly excellent colleges and universities and they offer their students a valuable experience not just academically, but also socially. You will grow a lot in that time- I’m not speaking physically, although some – but you truly will be a mature adult ready to start a career or consider graduate school education by the time you finish your undergraduate degree.

You will likely spend four years there, or maybe even an extra year if you begin as a freshman and go through graduation. If you decide to attend your local community college first and transfer, you need to research out the transfer requirements for the college you select to complete your education.

You need to look at the geographic location of your selections. Is the weather acceptable to you? If you are an athlete and not offered a scholarship does the school offer the programs you like? What outside activities does the school have? Is it near a city, or in a city, or out in the countryside, or in a small town? How do you feel about that?

Look on-line at the schools admission requirements. Be aware of the high school grade point average of those that they admit, as well as the range of SAT or ACT.

If you are near the top of your class, and have excellent grades, you will likely have many more doors open to you than if you have not done as well. Work hard in high school. Take challenging courses and master them. If necessary find tutoring for subjects you find difficult.

Depending on what you desire to do as a career, means singling out the schools with the best programs in your area of interest. Your choice needs to reflect the best over-all fit for you. I would encourage you to begin this process by your freshman year of high school or as soon as you can thereafter.

I encourage you to visit every campus you might consider to actually see it and preferably take a campus tour. Schools are thrilled to have potential students take an interest in their college or university. Many actually keep a list of inquiries and visits which lets them know you really care about attending. While you are there, ask if you can talk with a student majoring in the same subject that interests you.

How do you think you should decide which college or University to attend?


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