What Corporate, Political, Academic, and Philanthropic Leaders Do I Admire Most?

This list could be composed of quite a collection of people – most of whom I don’t know. As I thought more about the question, I began wondering if there are any corporate leaders that I even admire at all.

Part of my dilemma is that although I believe the financial value of a super-star in entertainment or sports can be demonstrated by the increased draw in box-office receipts to see that person or from the increased sale in sports ticket revenues, leading to relatively transparent profits, that becomes much harder to do with a corporate CEO. Does that particular CEO or corporate president add value to support their salary and bonus payments? I suspect that most of the time, as to those running public corporations, that the answer is NO.

Many of them are overpaid for what they bring to the table. Shareholders can do little about it. Proxy fights and law-suits achieve little. Corporations are often headquartered in states like Delaware to protect the people in power. I have no doubt that the leaders offer plenty of egos. But I suspect the gross over-confidence, and arbitrary management style creates “weather” in the chain of command and tension, hence lower productivity within the corporate hierarchy. Their pay needs to be tied to production. If the management style can be shown to produce a significant increase in revenues – not due to positive external circumstances outside of their control – hence skill not only luck – then they should be well rewarded.

Most heads of public corporations are names with which I am not familiar. The information on many of them may also be less available if the corporations are private. Small businessmen – those that work to create and build a business EARN their way up the ladder. I don’t know their names, but they are my heroes.

I don’t admire any political leaders either, especially the ones around today. I question their judgement, their integrity, their morals, their convictions, and even their sanity. What kind of a leader sends nude pictures of themselves to another via iPhone? What kind of leader lies about emails from a home server and isn’t aware of the rules? SERIOUSLY? What would happen to YOU if you tried to get away with that? What kind of leader takes legal bribes from lobbyists? What kind of leader puts themselves first to the detriment of our country – perhaps ALL OF THEM?

What about Academics? There are SO many academics, but again most are obscure except for those who are aware of them in their respective fields of endeavor. Any teacher, professor, instructor, lecturer, who is passionate about teaching and helping others to advance their knowledge is a hero to me.

I do admit that I am also partial to Arthur B McDonald, and Takaaki Kajita, the winners of the Nobel Prize who detected Neutrino’s and then determined their properties. That’s some cool science!

How about those Philanthropic Leaders? Let us ask ourselves who are those that donate? Bill Gates? Elon Musk? Jeff DonateBezos? Warren Buffet? How about YOU? You that give of yourselves. YOU are my heros.

Those of you that can often least afford it; donate your time, and your money to help all sorts of people in need. You help feed people, cloth people, teach people – you care for the sick – individually you may not donate a lot of money compared to the people who are well publicized – but you are far more important! WHY – because you are GENUINE. You aren’t donating to receive a huge tax break. You aren’t donating to alleviate guilt. You are donating because YOU TRULY CARE!

So who are your favorite corporate, political, and philanthropic leaders? Who do you admire, and why?


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