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What Do I Think of Solar and Wind Power?

I love it …and I hate it!

First, since I believe my personal prejudice is relevant to my answer, let me address my belief on global climate change. I have little doubt that we are experiencing climate change, not a transitory period of higher temperatures, and larger storms as a result, but real climate change. Part of this change is, in my opinion, influenced by human contribution. I could be wrong, but even if I am, I believe we all must mitigate the problem we confront now.

So it should stand to reason that I should be in favor of alternative sources to generate electricity to reduce the effects of burning fossil fuels used in power plants to create steam, which in turn drives turbines, to generate electricity. Wind and solar powerCertainly I should love the idea of using sunlight – abundant and free- to reduce power needs, and wind energy? How cool is that?

Actually not so cool –

It might surprise you that I am not in favor of either one. The myth sold to us all is that solar cells and wind turbines are a clean, efficient alternative ways to provide power to our homes. Both of those statements are not false- but they are not true either. They are deliberate distortions by financially and politically motivated groups which have an agenda that benefits themselves. They have been successful at it. Here our air from alternative power might be a tad cleaner, but at the point of manufacture in China – where most solar panels and wind turbines are made – they are a pollution disaster. Go on the web and read about it yourself.

Hence, the forgotten – never mentioned – deliberately avoided issue – with both solar and wind power is the pollution created making solar cells and solar panels, and the same with wind towers and composites used in wind turbines, and worse, in their eventual disposal product when they are spent.

Both processes are environmentally very unfriendly, and I question the motives of those that aggressively promote them. In essence when you look out on a solar array or a wind farm here in the U.S., what you are actually witnessing is cleaner energy production here at the expense of massive pollution elsewhere. The net benefit does not exist, at least not currently. What we are being told is a fiction.

Understand, I am not opposed to either solar or wind power. Right now, they are pretty much the alternative to burning natural gas or coal to generate electricity, but I do believe that a national publicized discussion including all of the particulars including information about the processes used in the manufacture and eventual disposal of the products must be addressed, read or heard by the public. We need full disclosure.

Those promoting the technology for money or political reasons are afraid that such a disclosure will slow or stop the slow march toward what most of us mistakenly believe is clean energy. There is a LOT of hype involved and a lot of green – that green being money – going around. Huge donations speak to politicians who aggressively promote the technology. They in turn have awarded huge government contracts to their buddies who have become rich. We have many here in California.

Although this next idea has not yet been successful, – a rather important point – quite frankly, I much, much, prefer we push to develop nuclear fusion as a source to generate electricity.

If it can be developed, it promises to provide an infinite amount of fossil free power and transform our world. It can save us from ourselves. It alone will allow us to end any utility created power station pollution.   It will also end the myth of clean cars because they will really be clean instead of the nonsense they are now – I say this because except where hydroelectric power exists, fossil fuels are burned to create the electricity used to charge up the batteries in “clean cars” rendering them not clean at all. The pollution is still produced – it just pollutes somewhere else, where the electrical generating station is located.

Back to nuclear fusion – for those of you in need of a review, fusion energy is very different from fission energy. Fission energy produces radioactive waste. Fusion does not.

Fission breaks apart atoms and can create an explosive force or a leak of radioactive material in rare circumstances. Fusion works in the opposite way – it crushes two atoms of hydrogen together to try to fuse them together into a helium atom. The atomic weight of the helium atom is slightly less than the atomic weight of the two hydrogen atoms. The difference is given off as heat energy – like in the sun – and that heat could be used to boil water into steam, used to drive turbines and used to generate electricity.

That does not mean for you to wait and do nothing. I still encourage that you reduce your carbon footprint. But if you add solar to your home, just be aware that you soiled someone else’s yard, like the guy who walks his dog and doesn’t clean up the mess.

Fusion power will someday enable clean all electric cars, and clean power production taking the strain off of our ecosystem. That, I believe is the future.

What are your thoughts on solar and wind energy?

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