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What does a genius think about honesty integrity and morality?

What do I think about honesty integrity and morality?

In my opinion, based upon what I see going on today here, in the US, and around the world, it is quite apparent to me that many people feel very differently about what constitutes honest or moral behavior or expresses integrity.

This has been the case for quite some time and perhaps I am now only more acutely aware of it because of the availability of information.

Whichever the case, I am largely appalled at some things I hear and read.

Honesty is just that- expressing what one really knows as truth, even if they are incorrect. Knowingly expressing something as honest by someone who knows it to be false, or misstating or deliberately leaving out details that would possibly lead someone to understand what is expressed differently is a lie.

Saying something you believe to be true but is false is a mistake but not a lie. It is ignorance. Ignorance can be corrected. Dishonesty is a character flaw.

honestyOur politicians, people in positions of authority, leaders of all types appear to me to tell us “truths” they know to be false or incomplete.

We often base our opinions on those misstatement and end up being misguided by that misinformation, sometime innocently or sometimes because we are either too lazy to ferret out the answers, or because we choose not to believe others who express a different set of facts.

Thoroughly Investigate for yourselves. Only you can do that. If you leave it to others, you run the risk that they too will be guilty of misstatement.

We have seen some people wrongly convicted of serious crimes because of prosecutors who knowing otherwise, have held back evidence to exonerate, or have given false evidence to win their conviction. That is a lie. That is criminal. They need to be punished. Severely!

Politicians lie as a matter of course and we for some inane reason tolerate it. We have accepted that politicians lie. What is wrong with us? ┬áDon’t vote for them. Express why you won’t vote for them. Be vocal. Be heard.

Morality deals with how we react to what we feel is right or wrong. How we were raised, and how we behave reflects our morals. It is our system of values. Revisit your beliefs. Challenge them. If necessary evolve and change them.

The honor code of the military service academies is “we will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among us those who do.” I believe in those principles. I feel we should ALL believe in those principles. Sadly some in the academies have not lived up to the code. They were expelled. I think that’s great!

Integrity deals with BOTH issues honesty, and morality.

I think we have lost our way and it is time to demand character in all of ourselves and all who serve us.

We need to put the good of all above ourselves. To do anything less is self serving, it is reckless, and it will diminish us all.

In my opinion, we need to self reflect, rethink what we allow, demand better from ourselves and our leaders.

If an action isn’t intended, don’t offer it. If it isn’t true, don’t say it. If it hurts more than it helps don’t do it.

To do otherwise is to continue on a path toward mediocrity, distrust, disharmony, factious indignation and the ruin of a great nation- ours.

Vote with your feet and your pocketbook and with that in mind.

Challenge commentary. Demand to know agendas. Turn your back on the disingenuous, whether it’s a gas company who knew, who should have repaired a leak and failed to do so, or an oil company that gouges and raises prices, or a politician that gives away the money of others to buy votes, or one who says things you know they shouldn’t say.

Make our country a better place.

Share with us your feelings about honesty, morality and integrity?

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