What Don’t You Like About Yourself?

I have had many things I didn’t like about myself, but I have tried to evolve beyond them.

Now I have evolved new things I don’t like about myself.

We all have things we do or have done which we wished we could change- perhaps a misunderstood comment that affected a friendship or damaged a relationship.

Most of my faults are selfish ones. I sincerely try to put my family and others I don’t even know, first.

self loveI slow down to pull in behind a car next to me rather than race to get in front of it. I still open or hold doors for people and pull out chairs to seat ladies. I try to be polite, but I don’t always succeed, just ask my wife.

Today’s world appears to me to be sadly lacking in consideration for others.

We would have never turned our children loose to run around a restaurant and annoy others, or shrug our responsibility so that others could fill in.

It’s really about being aware of your surroundings and using your judgement. Think first. Act second.

Nowadays if we went for a hike in a wilderness park we wouldn’t litter or destroy habitat, yet when we are among people we don’t know we don’t appear to care what we do or how we act.

We need to think about how our behavior impacts others. Our loud voices, our rude behavior, our phone conversations that others don’t want to overhear- yes, hard to believe I know but ┬áthat is true- our inappropriate gestures — our manners. We still yell at others from our cars when we drive or call them inappropriate names, some still stick up their middle finger.

We are rude. Rude, crude and socially unacceptable, as my mother used to say.

Think upscale British. British always seem like polite people. Oh, I’m sure that isn’t always true, but we here in the states have that perception.

I love my trips to England because frankly they have always been polite to me. They have the nicest way of saying no.

What don’t I like about myself? I would like to be less reactive to the impoliteness of others. I am still prone to be outspoken about some things and offer a comment, “rather rude don’t you think?”

What are your thoughts? Anything you wish to share about something in yourself you don’t like?

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