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What is a Great Business for Me to Start for a Homeschool Project?

What is a Great Business for Me to Start for a Homeschool Project that Will Give Me Some Cash Before Too Long?

First spend some time observing and taking a few notes? What about, you ask?

Look around you. Watch people in your neighborhood doing different types of chores. At home, watch your mom and dad, brothers and sisters while they do chores around the house. Be aware of yourself, as well, when you do chores.

[newsletter_lock] many of the chores are really a pain in the neck? Or truly annoying to do? Or are dirty jobs no one wants to do – Trash or a Job opportunitylike, for instance putting out their trash cans every week for them, or even better, washing out, cleaning and sanitizing their trash cans as part of the service. Many trash cans have garbage all over them. They have remnants on their outsides and stuff stuck inside. They are disgusting.

Ask the lady of the house, “Do you really want something so utterly disgusting sitting in front of your beautiful home? Can I sign you up and take your cans our every week and wash them for you too? Or maybe just start a monthly trash can wash service. There are plenty of other things you could do too. You simply must watch, observe, and think.

Your new business can be a service business, such as above, where you perform a service and get paid to do it. If it is successful, you can expand it by hiring others to perform the tasks and pay them – but at a rate that is less than what you receive. That way you make a profit upon the labor of others. They are happy because they have a job, and you will be happy because you will be making money. One of the great things about a good service business is that by doing something no one else wants to do, they usually don’t – making the need for you even greater.

An alternative for you is a products based business.

What can be done to complete a chore and make it easier, faster, and less annoying?

This latter idea sometimes leads to creating a new invention that can sometime be patented, marketed, and sold to millions of people for substantial profits. From this you can create a real business, not just a service. This is where the real money truly is made. Ask your parents if you can watch the movie “JOY.” It’s a movie all about this concept.

Most every commercial you see on TV for a product started out with an idea to make something easier or better. The product gets patented to protect you from copycats. Then it goes into production and marketed to get sold. You get a little bit of money from each item that is sold.

So my suggestion to you is to make a list of possibilities after you have completed your notes and observation, and then decide what you want to do. Should you decide to take on a service – again like the trash cans – wear protective clothing a facial mask and gloves and take caution to prevent yourself from coming in contact with pathogens, etc. Many people do quite well running a service business. You also rarely need to worry about someone replacing you at your job.

On the other hand, if you wish to be an inventor, and you are successful at it, you will have most everything you could ever dream of having in life. But remember – along the way and after you are successful, help others.

Life is not about what you have but what you do with it.

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