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What is Going to Happen in Cuba?

What is Going to Happen in Cuba?

Cuba’s political party will likely evolve into one such as Stefan Lofven’s  socialist democracy party in Sweden, although Sweden has never officially adopted socialism as its form of government, it being a free nation with “social liberties”.

Twenty years from now, Cuba will likely privatize more and more government run services and Cuba may eventually begin  to copy us.

Why do I believe that? Look at countries that have evolved capitalistic free markets. For example back in Soviet Union days about 3% of the agricultural cultivation came from privately grown plots of Free Cubaland,  yet those small plots produced 25% of the Soviet Union’s  national  agricultural output.

People love goods. People love to make money to buy goods. Even if you are not materialistic, most people once exposed, become desirous of acquiring “things”. Look at China. Chinese people want and buy lots of products never before available to them, including luxury goods.

Capitalism promotes evolution toward consumerism and away from behaviors that threaten it such as war. People want more “stuff” and are loath to risk losing what they have, and as a consequence, will resist leaders who’s ideologies put their now comfortable lifestyle at risk.

The CIA strategy has worked. [newsletter_lock]

Exporting capitalism with its inherent associated costs is still much cheaper than fighting a war, and much more peaceful.

Cubans will soon realize a HUGE change in their standard of living, as massive amounts of new money flow into their country and as that happens people will want to enjoy the fruits of that change.

The Castros will die out soon and even if their next leader is another dictator, the one after that likely won’t be.

It’s about time we be allowed to buy a good Cuban cigar. No?

This move toward normalization in spite of the huge injustices of the past will turn out to be a good thing for Cubans and Americans. It’s time Cuban exiles move forward, and help rebuild a new open Cuba. It’s coming soon.

What are your thoughts on the normalization of relations with Cuba? What do you think will happen?


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