What is the Best Option for Resolving The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

What is the Best Option for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

I can tell you what option isn’t an option at all. Ongoing hatred and non-stop violence is certainly NOT the answer. A war between populations, possibly drawing in other Arab states is not the answer. Neither is the oppression and subjugation of a largely innocent and angry population.

The best solution is a peaceful resolution rooted in the people who live there.

Think about it. The only option is Peace! It has to be peace. Any alternative means the potential slaughter of millions of innocent people both Israeli and Palestinian, and likely millions more drawn into the conflagration from surrounding hostile governments.   As for the unthinkable – a nuclear confrontation – much of the land would be rendered uninhabitable for centuries. Nuclear fallout would blow across much of the Middle East. What idiots could desire such a thing?

As with all wars, there is an eventual peace. Why not just skip the war.

For a moment please permit me to re-write history. Let us go back the past fifteen years and imagine that during this re-written version of history that there had never been any violence – not even one event – from anyone in the Palestinian mid-east-peaceterritory directed toward Israel, or her citizens. There would not have been any rocket attacks, no bus bombings, no suicide bombers, no shootings, nothing at all- ordinary events, but not acts of hatred. Likewise there would have been no Israeli acts of violence or hatred against any Palestinian people. Because of peace, the borders to Palestine remained open, food and resources flowed across borders, as did workers. No buildings were destroyed. Water and power and fuel were plentiful. Having no concern about violence Israel allowed a port to be built in Palestine. There would be no walls or barriers between them, just a border.

Imagine that two different peoples had lived a truly peaceful co-existence. What would the state of mind be for Palestinians and for Israeli’s? Certainly the Palestinians would still want a free Palestine. Israeli’s would not need to fear a country on its borders that was truly peaceful and respected their right to exist.

In such an environment, would Israel, either on its own, or through enormous political pressure from around the globe, allow for a new country of Palestine to spring into existence?

Let us now return to reality. Could such a scenario ever evolve?

No, not when there are vested interests – people in positions of great power, wealth and control that stand to lose their power, wealth, and control if the circumstances change. They want violence. They want war. They want to agitate. They benefit from keeping the situation as it is. I speak now of both religious and political leaders, who desire to maintain their positions or even expand their influence.

Those are the individuals that MUST be placed in check. Their influence must be stripped from them; they must be removed from power if not democratically, then by force of will. In my opinion, cooler heads must be permitted to prevail. Orthodoxy of any kind doesn’t make for tolerant rational people. It really doesn’t matter if that orthodoxy is a form of Islam, Judaism, or Christianity. People with immovable beliefs are – immovable.

So how can peace come about? As I said, it must be rooted in the people. They must be the ones to demand peace, and they must be the ones to push from power those who would oppose it. Then, over time, in that peaceful territory, success can be achieved.


Do you have an opinion on what the best option would be to resolve the Israeli – Palestinian conflict?


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