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What is the Next Life-Changing Technological Advancement?

What is the next life changing technological advancement?

If   you are referring to a new invention, you will see the evolution of 3D printers to unbelievable heights. Just as early computers once produced each year’s new advancement, and cell phones went through their evolution so too will 3D printing- it already has.

However, if you really mean life changing, then my first answer is artificial body organs. There are already custom grown organs where a donor organ is washed clean of all of its cells and the scaffolding that is left over is re populated with your own cells.

The next technological advancementHollow organs can be created this way that work and function, and your body won’t reject them because they are made up of your own cells. Soon solid organs will become available as well. Transplant recipients will no longer need to wait for transplant organs. Completely artificial organs will also become available. Some are already being printed on 3D printers too. This has the potential to save millions of lives. 3D printing will allow us to make things we can create in our minds.

The next life changing advancement will be self-driving cars. We have all heard about them, but how many of us have ever seen one? Soon you will, and over time, they will gradually replace a substantial number of vehicles on the road.

I also believe there will be a huge growth of 3-D headsets and virtual encounters, both in business and in entertainment. Already some companies are creating tax preparation using a headset and a virtual preparer to assist you in your tax appointment. It is still in beta testing but soon you will be able to also travel most anyplace on earth, go to alien planets, travel to the deepest parts of the ocean, soar through the sky, engage in all sorts of interactive personal encounters and have adventures beyond your wildest dreams. The experience will seem so real that, except for wearing a headset, it will become the second best thing to actually being there – and in some cases may be better. You will be able to climb Mount Everest without putting your life in danger.

Here is a subject area that is near and dear to my heart. It is important because it describes the underlying fundamental working of the universe and everything in it. That subject area is Theoretical Physics. Here, knowledge is important just for the sake of knowledge. As you are about to see, we still have a lot to learn. If you REALLY want something that will blow your socks off it is that much of that recent work and the conclusions to which proponents have come, ARE WRONG. You are about to see the demise of String Theory, probably Parallel Universes too, perhaps the Multiverse and all that is bound to something theoretical physicists have referred to as Super Symmetry. It won’t be a pretty sight. All of those supporters will go out screaming! BUT no evidence has ever been found to support supersymmetry. The mass of the recently discovered Higgs Boson tends to preclude it. Ironically it is being replaced by the Standard Model developed over 50 years ago, and finalized in the mid 1970’s. When will you learn of this? Likely by the end of this year from experiments about to be conducted on the LHC- the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland and France. It is starting new experiments now and this years findings will, I believe, be earth shaking for Physicists.

We will someday learn that dark matter and dark energy are less of a percentage of our universe than we thought as well, and ordinary matter more of it. However, there is still enough of the dark “stuff” to cause the expansion of the universe.

For a scientist these are very exciting times, for making a new discovery is extremely exciting but so too is finding out that what you believed to be true, is not true, and that means a whole new group of discoveries are needed to learn what reality really is. What a thrilling time to be alive!

What are your thoughts? What do you think the next great life changing technological or scientific advancement will be?

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