What Parts of Our Constitution Need to be Revised to Keep Up with the Evolution of Our Population?

In my opinion? NONE OF THEM! Not ONE Paragraph. Not ONE sentence. I think of our Constitution as an almost sacred document. It has been subject to interpretation thousands of times over more than two hundred years as legislatures in different states create questionable laws that interfere with our fundamental rights. Those laws are eventually challenged in our courts, and finally in our Supreme Court. There, Justices decide what intention should be applied to each word within our Constitution and whether the law being challenged pushes over those limits or complies with that intention. The language in our Constitution was drafted in general terms to afford the broadest possible application, and to tolerate our social evolution to a point. That point has usually been when our actions begin to violate the rights of others.

I feel our Constitution is still just as relevant as it was the day it was written. Each amendment is carefully worded to The Constitutionallow us the greatest freedom from ourselves. It prevents the very perversion you are suggesting in your question – its revision to serve the wishes of a specific segment of the population at the expense of everyone else. Our Constitution is an INCLUSIVE document – it takes every citizen under its protection, as opposed to being EXCLUSIVE.

That very word was rejected by its authors. Why was it rejected? EXCLUSIVE – means to exclude. To exclude means that someone excluded would not fall under the documents protection. Who would it likely exclude – most likely those not chosen to be part of that elite group? That could be any of us. Could you imagine what our Constitution would look like if it were written by lobbyists? Talk about special interest groups – here is what I feel is one of our greatest issues. Our legislators accept money from the very people that make me concerned. After receiving campaign donations many legislators propose laws that favor the wishes of those very people. Do you really believe that those same folks wouldn’t push and pull and cajole and do everything within their power to be involved in the process if our Constitution WAS going to be revised? Could you even imagine what it would look like after they finished?

That is the whole point. The Constitution was drafted to try to prevent ANY GROUP– the left, or the right, or the white, or the black, or any other race, or ANY religion or any commercial interest from exerting their will, and hence their wants, wishes, rules, and laws to the detriment of any other. It provides for a separation of powers and establishes an executive, judiciary and legislative check and balance. Through the establishment clause and the free exercise clause of the first amendment it separates church and state – think how many would like that changed to put their religious beliefs – prayer – back in schools or have the science curriculum changed without regard to its validity by those who believe in creation. What about those that don’t believe that way?

There is a place for religion to be taught – and that would be in a class on religion in religious schools. The Constitution provides for that too. It prevents the government from encroaching on our beliefs, but it also tempers how we may encroach on others with our beliefs.

If you believe that the Constitution should be updated, would you also suggest the Bible, Koran, or Torah also be re-written to “keep up with our evolution” as well? You couldn’t be serious.

It is complex and difficult to amend our Constitution for a reason. It should not be easy. It should be tedious so that we all can debate the proposed change on every level before making a decision that affects us all. Realize that if rewriting the Constitution were easy, others long before you would have used your argument to change the Constitution decades ago. Possibly people very antagonistic to your beliefs would have already tried to revise the document to comply with their evolution. How would you like THAT?

I think it best to leave our Constitution just the way it is.

But what are your thoughts? Do you think we should change our Constitution? If so, how would you change it?

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