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What Should I Do to Stop Things From Holding Me Back?

Don’t let them! Let me ask you WHY do you allow things to hold you back? Are you afraid that if you do not succeed and you fail, that you will lose face?

Are you afraid of failure?

Everyone fails at something. All of us, the greatest scientists, the greatest minds, the best athletes, the finest teachers, What's holding you back?the best educated, the highest IQ, the most likely to succeed- all fail. It may seem true that you can’t fail if you don’t try.  Do you know the greatest failure? Not trying!

Think about how many cures for disease didn’t cure. How many government policies failed to get the best result. Should we have quit trying to go into space because of Challenger blowing up?  Or because some of our early astronauts died on the launch pad?

It’s through failure that we learn- well most of the time-

[newsletter_lock] Trying the same thing over and over again EXACTLY the same way leads to enormous frustration- but even subtle changes- those things learned from what doesn’t work- allow an increase in your probability of success.

Look at all we have learned, and all the modern inventions we have because people kept trying. Some people even die trying- but successful people keep trying. They build on the failures of others.

NEVER abandon your dream. Keep at it. Because if you have failed- you have not really failed until you give up. Keep experimenting. If you lack knowledge- realize it, admit it to yourself and go back and learn.

If you allow others to determine what you think about yourself, it’s time to change that. Don’t stand in your own way. Certainly don’t let others stand in your way.

Maybe they are the ones who are most afraid of your success.

Write your book, or your screenplay, write your music piece, paint your canvass, invent something, try and keep trying. You might find that you succeed. How  great would that make you feel?

Your success is inside of you!

Make it happen! How do I know that? Because your question tells me you want to succeed.

What other thoughts do you have to help you and others succeed? Please share it with me. I’ll post it.


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