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What’s More Important What You Know or Who You Know?

Certainly In business, finance, the motion picture business, and many, many other endeavors,  it is WHO you know. That’s a corrupt answer, but sadly it’s true. Look at the massive numbers of insiders with contacts who receive a place at or near the front of the line.

It is true that what you know takes over at this point and it is up to you and your abilities to KEEP the position you were granted because of your contacts.

But especially in the entertainment industry we see a lot  of very talented singers on programs like the VOICE, and on other shows but how many make it to stardom? Not many. 

Having acted in front of a movie camera, I can tell you that it is easier than it looks. Acting on stage is much much who you know versus what you knowharder. You need to know all of your lines and know how to perform them seamlessly integrating the line that came before you spoke with those that will be spoken after. That coupled with cues, where to stand, and how to best convey your feelings. Theater actors -the good ones- are truly very talented people.

Acting in front of a camera however, you can keep at it until you finally get your lines straight and they simply edit out everything and use the one time you got it right. If you cannot get your lines straight, they can simply cut to the one to whom you are supposed to be speaking  for their reaction on camera, while you read your lines off camera, then cut back to you. Not so tough. It’s getting the opportunity to be on camera that IS tough.

The ease of acting on camera is one of the reasons the Screen Actiors Guild and all the other movie guilds do their best to keep you out. 

Look at the nepotism – how many offspring of stars get a free ride into the guilds – a whole bunch. Yes,  they are talented, but not more than a lot of those of you who are excluded and never given the chance.

What about in other areas- business or politics- just look  at our current election and the squabble over insiders in BOTH parties trying to rig and control the outcome.

If Bernie Sanders had the super delegates given to Hillary he’d be ahead. Why should she have them? Corrupt party politics.

And the Republicans? Seriously?

Let’s see what corruption they show the world at their convention. 

Both parties ignore the populous. 

It’s not supposed to work that way. And many of us just became aware that is common behavior. 

As for getting hired in business- pedigree goes a long way. If you didn’t go to the right school or know the rights folks, it’s very tough to get on any track that leads toward the top.

Since most of us don’t have those connections or as I see it, if you have scruples and wouldn’t use those contacts to step on people if you did, we should pick WHAT you know, because what you know will still insure a great job at great pay and a great lifestyle. 

What are your thoughts on who you know or what you know?

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