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What’s Going On with Politics Today?

Let me preface my answer by saying that this article is purely an editorial. I feel certain that many of you may not agree with my conclusions. I am not out to denigrate anyone or to pick a side or to promote any party or cause.

That said, I am appalled at what I watch, at what I have seen, at the behavior of our honestypolitical parties, of politicians, of their dishonesty, their arrogance, their corruption and at their methods. I include in this- ALL of them!


The realization – because of my own ignorance- was that the political process I thought I knew- that I thought was real has apparently all been a lie.

I always believed that the popular majority candidate of either party would be the candidate who would run for office. It was their race to win or lose. Irrespective of my like or dislike of that person, they would be the one that ran,  and if they could convince enough of us, they would win the election. Electoral college aside, this was our political process.  Apparently not.

We have, it seems, regressed to the past where political bosses made secret back room deals to prevent the populous from making that decision. Your vote apparently does not count. It does not matter- you know what IT DOES!!

I speak now of both the super delegates- votes held in the pockets of the Party Democrats given to the party favorite candidate to prevent a grass root or under-dog candidate from acquiring enough votes to win the nomination, and even if he couldn’t win- it’s the principle of the idea- it’s corrupt– and to the GOP who has slandered, libeled and disgusted me by engaging Mitt Romney, and others to try to prevent a man who I really don’t prefer from getting enough delegates to win his candidacy. If it is the will of the American people, he should be the nominee. If you don’t want him vote against him by voting for someone else.

Regardless of who you support, or how you feel about a candidate, it is an imperative that we all support an honest, open, ethical election process or we become as bad as the party bosses- our adversaries.

Clearly rebellion is afoot in both parties in this election, yet those party bosses won’t listen, won’t change, and won’t yield.

They must be defeated and our choices returned to us.

Please vote! If you feel it  express your disgust! Only through your votes can we return our political parties to us, its members.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on our current political predicament– but please don’t stop there- write your comments and send them everywhere- to the press- to TV  stations- to your elected officials and those still unelected.



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