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Where Is Our Earth Located in Space? Surprising answer!

Think about it. Our position on Earth is not fixed even though we might feel like it is. Continents shift under our feet through plate tectonics, felt sometimes as earthquakes. Landscapes move, rise and fall over time. Mountain ranges are pushed up, while others erode away. Oceans are created and disappear, albeit over millions of years. The Appalachian Mountains used to be located in the middle of the super-continent Pangea that came into existence around 300 million years ago.

Space and TimeWe use the physical places on Earth around us to determine where we are but we aren’t really there but an instant.  Over time GPS locations do physically change.

Our Earth rotates, as it passes in orbit around our Sun, but the Sun is not in the same place compared to our Milky Way Galaxy. Our Galaxy is not in the same place either as it moves in spacetime as well.

We all move through spacetime. One turn of the Earth moves us 24,000 miles a day at the equator- less at different latitudes. We move over 18 miles per second around the sun, and about 125 miles per second around our Galaxy. The Milky Way moves about 1.3 million miles per hour through space.

IF you could travel back in time in H G Wells time machine you would not end up in the past at the same place where you started your trip on Earth, just at an earlier time. Instead, you would end up in a place now deep in space away from all you know now where the earth was at that moment in time.

In a previous time the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy would not be here, where we are now. They wouldn’t have arrived here yet.  So your trip would travel through spacetime – which not only means time but space as well.  To come back would require you arrive where the Earth, the Sun and the Milky Way are now, a rather complicated journey.

[newsletter_lock] In World War II, my dad was an Army Air Corp bomber pilot. He almost joined the Navy but for one thing.  He pointed out that flying from a military base on land meant that when he flew back, the base would still be where it was when he took off. His concern was that flying off of a Navy aircraft carrier, that while he was on his mission, the carrier moved. When he returned the carrier wouldn’t be there anymore.  What, he asked, if he didn’t have enough fuel left to get to where it had relocated?

All things change over “time” and although we really don’t experience changes in space or don’t perceive it, the two are causally connected.

Mathematically it is possible to travel backwards in time, although most believe because of the direction of time, called times arrow, that time can only move in only direction. Maybe so.

Entropy, the concept that “things” become “more involved or complicated” over time- think of a plate falling to the floor and breaking – demonstrates  the nearly impossible task of putting things back how they were. To go backwards in time, as we perceive it, It would be necessary to undo all that has happened since.

Perhaps in some distant future we will learn to warp spacetime and travel faster than light relative to earth, although we will really be expanding spacetime behind us and contracting it in front of us.

It’s a fascinating concept. I once had a conversation with a gent at a Mensa Symposium in upstate New York. He worked at the NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Lab. I posed the question as to whether we would ever actually be able to achieve warp drive. I was surprised by his answer. He said he thought it might be possible within forty years. Most fascinating!

I don’t know if that will turn out to be true, but we live in very exciting times and all of us should be thrilled at the potential advancements to come.

Any thoughts about  your place in space?

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