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Which Event Back In Time Would You Most Like to Witness?

If You Could Go Back in Time and Witness an Historical Event Which Event Would It Be?

My answer depends on whether or not I am going to be affected by the environment of the event;  for example, do I get to watch the asteroid impact that helped wipe out the dinosaurs without being destroyed by it as well? If the answer is no, I’d die too,  then I’d pick a different event.

But even then, as I am, it might be my desire to interfere to stop or alter the event. Am I allowed to kill Hitler or Stalin, or some evil actor in the course of history?

But if I do what would our present look like- it would not be today’s world. It would have taken a totally different path Time Travelaltered by the presence of new people previously not present, and the absence of others who were never born as a result.

Would your mom have met your dad? Would you or I be here?

How can I go back to the event if I am not here to go back?

From those who might now live we could have new art, new music, new literature and new science discoveries, inventions and technologies. But from those who as a result never were, perhaps an absence of something we know and love. Of course we wouldn’t be aware of it. But it might not be there.

[newsletter_lock}So perhaps I must just be a viewer to history unable to interact- as in one of those ghost movies where the character can observe but has no presence.

In that case I suppose I would like to know who the real Jesus was. Many of you know I am not religious. Still,  such a significant character in history- made so by the domination and the power of the church- would be interesting to see.

If as I suspect, he is just a mortal man carrying on his life trying to make a difference, only to have his life legend caught up centuries later in the politics and business of the church, I would now know with certainty that my beliefs are correct.

Likewise should I be completely wrong, I would realize how foolish I had been to have believed as I do. Either way would prove a life changing experience.

How about you? Which events in history are most important for you to see?


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