Who Is Going To Be The Next President?

I think if you’d asked most people this question a month ago, of either party, they would have almost all said Hillary Clinton. I don’t believe that this will be the final outcome, however, especially in light of new evidence that Hillary apparently DID violate federal laws and government protocol regarding State Department e-mails and either carelessly or incompetently transferred custody (electronically) of messages deemed to be classified at birth – that is – the instant they were created. It now remains to be seen if the legal system treats the politically powerful with the same prosecutorial fervor that it would use to go after the rest of us.

I believe most Democrats will decide that Hillary is not the person they want representing their party. Her handling of the Benghazi consulate disaster points to an ongoing pattern of personal behavior displaying arrogance and contempt for others. But I ask, “WHAT DOES IT MATTER?”

There is a rumor – likely substantiated by the behavior of Barak Obama – look for clues – note his carefully chosen words – his tip toeing around the issue – that he DID in substance agree to not endorse anyone opposing Hillary, as part of his deal with Bill Clinton – “The Clintons” – when they agreed to graciously bow out of the last election challenge so that Obama could get the nod from liberal Democrats.

My guess is that Joe Biden will be the Democratic Party nominee if he runs. I think he will. I THINK HE may ASK Elizabeth Warren to be his running mate if he is nominated. He would be wiser to go with a moderate if he does.

On the Republican front – Donald Trump is spite of the “Press- hates Trump- rating” – of 10, seems to have struck a chord with many because he has vowed NOT to take any money from lobbyists, special interests, or rich people with an agenda – or anyone for that matter with influence, and the public likes that idea a lot.

Ironically, this is EXACTLY what the Democrats AND the Republicans will do that don’t have the money to finance their We The Peopleown campaigns with their own wealth. It’s pretty easy to understand the feeling that when you believe the corruption in Washington comes from money offered by lobbyists and special interests that you would respect a man that has vowed to ignore them.

Trump also speaks his mind – sometimes off the top of it – but many seem to appreciate his willingness to call it likes he sees it without regard for political correctness. Some see it as rude, others as prejudice, most as bellicose. Trump has no experience in government. I doubt he would get far yelling at Congressmen and Senators. He can’t yell, “You’re FIRED!” If he raises his temper, Washington would simply ignore him. Trump does not strike me as the type of personality to negotiate a compromise easily and government is one big compromise. He will have to convince voters that he can govern and that he can negotiate when he is not the one with all the chips.

The solution would be for money to come to the other candidates WITHOUT ANY restrictions or requested favors, but how likely is that to happen?

As for the rest of the pack of Republican candidates – do any of them have the charisma to lure enough voters – Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and Democrats to win an election?

Let’s examine some of the controversial issues important to the moderates I know. To win the presidency will require crossover voting from Independents, and others.

Let’s start with a woman’s right to choose – can a woman determine what happens with her own body? Can she get an abortion if she so desires, or will the proposed candidate try to take that ability away?

What about birth control – does the candidate oppose it, or will it remain available to those that want it?

Does the candidate believe in modern science, or are they instead bound by their religion – example – evolution vs creationism?

If they have strong religious beliefs will they bring them into their proposed policies – such as the George Bush stem cell research policy?

How does the candidate feel about immigration generally? What about Illegal immigration? What issues would they tackle and what solutions would they propose?

Is the candidate their own person or is their platform dictated entirely by others – who’s views are we hearing – the candidate’s or the party? The candidate needs to be strong enough to be the voice of the party.

How do they feel about same sex marriages, taxation, free trade, our military role – the list goes on and on.

I know a lot of opinionated people. They seem pretty set in their ways and have indicated that they would not vote for people that don’t believe as they do. Personally I find that to be very closed minded and very counterproductive.

Knowing those persons beliefs as I do, I know that I could never vote for the same candidate they would support because we disagree. As a voter, the Republican candidate needs to able to bridge our differences and get both of our votes.

My bet is on Bush/ Kasich as the Republican ticket, and Joe Biden to win the election?

What do you think? Who do you think will be our next president?


2 thoughts on “Who Is Going To Be The Next President?

  1. Just curious here, but I haven’t heard of any serious candidates that oppose birth control and have advocated for making it illegal. That being said, it will be Trump/Carson and they will be able to peel off enough minority voters and bring new voters to the polls to defeat the Democrats, and may even bring a few states not normally regarded as purple into play.

  2. I cannot see Joe Biden becoming president for three reasons. One, he is 75 and America likes youth. Youth will be served

    Second, can you image Joe Biden going 24/7 400 days being scrutinized by the media and not making killer gaffes? JB is about as safe as he can be from that type attention as the VP….nobody cares about the VP.

    Third, your assumptions about Hillary being taken down for using her personal computer….that may be a Federal issue but that doesn’t sound that bad to most voters. Bengazi….America fails to understand how that is her fault. Republicans are treating that as though the Obama Administration funded the terrorists….most people won’t see it that way. maybe they could have done more to prevent it. But if not there, somewhere else. You can’t prevent everything. BTW…until Bengazi, who ever heard of Bengazi?

    If you can somehow get a dead girl or a live boy in the mix…there is no story there.

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