Who Shot JFK?

If you dispute that it was Lee Harvey Oswald who shot JFK, then you have a problem.  Not that you are wrong, but you are presuming it was NOT Lee Harvey Oswald, or perhaps that there were others BESIDES Lee Harvey Oswald, and here is your dilemma. In either case you have concluded that the information that has been disclosed to us all is false. That means the folks who decided to tell us what happened didn’t tell the truth.

When we have more than one person working together, we potentially have a conspiracy. In its loosest sense, a conspiracy is defined as two or more people coming together (talking, planning) for the joint purpose of committing some kind of illegal act. Here we are thinking we have people conspiring to hide something from the public. If they hide a crime and keep justice from being done, that constitutes a crime.

Who shot JFKLet’s assume for an instant that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. That he really did fire all those shots in an amazingly short time, with amazing accuracy. So in this case there is no conspiracy. Everyone acted professionally and disclosed and examined all the evidence available. The persons who were never asked questions really did go through interrogations and interviews, and the Warren Commission did a thorough and honest job. Yeah, yeah – but just go along with me here. Okay Great. No conspiracy.

But how do you prove people never met, or that they never spoke? How on earth do you prove the non-occurrence of an event? You can’t.

I know, I know, you want to hear that there was a conspiracy. If there was a conspiracy, the way to prove it exists is for it to be revealed in some way. Perhaps an insider finally breaks – another Edward Snowden type – under moral pressure and he has to talk, or some previously undiscovered clue is suddenly discovered and it leads to other clues and still other clues that when taken as a whole are enough to prove the existence of a conspiracy. So, with evidence FOR the occurrence of a conspiracy you could weigh the evidence and conclude accordingly.

The top conspiracy contenders are Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, The Soviet Union, The Mafia, Cuban Exiles, or Fidel Castro.

All of the records are locked up until after many of us die, so we’ll never know what secrets they contain. Some of the rest of you will find out, but I suspect by then the government hopes you won’t be impacted the way the rest of us would. We will have to wait and see.

Bobby Kennedy and the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy were convinced that LBJ was involved or knew. New Orleans Mafia Boss, Carlos Marcello while in prison was caught confessing, “I had the little bastard killed, he was a thorn in my shoe” when he spoke to an informant wearing a wire. The House Assassinations Committee concluded there were at least two shooters and that likely Jimmy Hoffa, Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante and Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana were involved in the decision. Around that time the CIA was also running drugs into the US, and was also linked to organized crime; by smuggling in drugs they received payment that was used to support black ops. . My bet is on two of the above; the Mafia and CIA were inextricably linked and a third, LBJ, was also involved or had knowledge.

Who do you think shot JFK?


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