Why can’t All the United States Have The Same Laws?

Should all the states have the same laws? Only if we are all the same and we all share the same beliefs- but fortunately we’re not all the same and we certainly do not all share the same beliefs.

To the contrary,  we are all different in so many ways. We are people with very different ideas with very different origins and customs.

In our history, we often settled along with  like-minded people in clusters in the different states.

Some states have ancestral concentrations of Italian, Irish, Scandinavian, English, Hispanic, or African peoples with State Laws and regionsdifferent religions, specific customs, varying cuisines, different  accents, different politics and very specific thoughts and feelings about any of a number of subjects.

Some  believe in fewer laws and rules and others in more regulation and a strict letter of the law interpretation of the rules.

When I go to visit London it is because I enjoy the culture, people, and history of London. I go to visit Chicago for the exact same reason; or New York; or New Orleans, or San Francisco.

It’s the differences between those places and their laws and customs and their people from people elsewhere  that provide their uniqueness, their charm, their  character. It’s the reason why I love them and the reason why I visit.

Local laws can’t really be standardized unless local customs, and culture, are placed in the deep background. When they are, they often tend to die out. If cultures and laws conflict it doesn’t work well.

Our laws are basically divided into two broad categories- those that apply to all citizens of the United States no matter where they live -those are our federal statutes.

They assure our rights upon which no state can infringe (though they sometimes try to do so- gun ownership and regulation is a current example) and those subject areas delegated to be controlled by the states in our Constitution.

Those laws allow for regulations decided by the people of the state based on local beliefs and customs just as long as they don’t violate federal law. 

There are sometimes conflicts in state and federal laws such as what we are currently experiencing on marijuana State versus Federal Lawuse- it’s illegal federally for everyone in ALL states, but state legal in some places that have decided to ignore the federal statutes. Federal law usually wins but sometimes it gets changed.

We are indeed a jumbled mess of laws and regulations and conflict at the moment.

There are a lot of people wanting to enforce their will and opinions on others- but actually that is how it has always been. We just are more aware of it now.

I am in favor of states rights. I am not in favor of states violating our individual constitutionally given rights and freedoms, or on the popular, politically induced “interpretation of the day” changing it.

Different factions line up on different sides depending on the issue. It’s too bad we can’t all learn to respect the rights and viewpoints of others and not infringe on them. But that is how it has been; it is how it is;  and it is how I suspect it  likely will be.

So what are your thoughts on the laws enacted by the different states? Should they all be the same?

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