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Why Can’t We Cure Cancer?

Why can’t we cure cancer?

We will. But work will be ongoing. It might never truly end. Let’s take a closer look at cancer and understand the semantics.

The word “cancer” is one word.  The disease “cancer” is more than 120 different diseases.

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Richard Nixon launched the war on cancer about 45 years ago. Back then most of us thought we would have succeeded and moved on to other things by now. But we have really only scratched the surface.  It is true that we have stopped some cancers and slowed others but we are a long way from curing cancer. 

The main obstacles will become more clear as you learn more about each one. Even though many cancers seem curing cancersimilar they are still different. They might do similar bad things, but they do them in different ways. That means they need to be stopped in different ways.

For example metastasis- the traveling of cancer cells to different parts of the body, where they invade and can start growing again, such as your liver, or lungs, or in your bones, requires that the cancer cells evade our immune system. Each one has its own molecular methodology to do this.

cancers of the same type can use different methods. There is no one way to stop them all. Cancer cells can be endlessly self-renewing and some of these are resistant to chemotherapy.

This is Darwinian evolution in reality. Cancer cells change over time. Some die out. Some break free. Those that are detected and killed don’t make it to spread. Those with changes that avoid detection might. They are evolving diseases.

For those out there who don’t believe in evolution- here is proof it happens.

Is curing cancer hopeless- not at all.  We will master this in time, if not to kill the diseases than to manage them. The more we learn, the better we become at it. It is an imperative to fund cancer research.

For those that put out nonsense on the net, there is no plot to slow the cure to keep up the enormous funding coming in for research. A “cancer cure” is not being withheld by some or a group of evil pharma companies to make money.

Any pharma company would give anything to knock out any aspect of the disease. That is how they would really make a fortune.

Your mission is to read up on it, and learn about what makes it thrive and then avoid them-such as certain chemicals in your food or in other places- or your behaviors such as overexposure to the sun- or smoking- and stay on top of your health.

Be sure you live long enough to take advantage of cures to come.

Encourage others to do likewise.

What thoughts on cancer do you have?


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