Why Do People Like Mark Zuckerberg Give Away Their Money?

Why do people give away their money like Mark Zuckerberg?

We like to believe  people give away their wealth because they care about the welfare of others and they hope to benefit
them.  For most who give, this is probably true.  It is concern for others that makes giving special and our world a better place.  I know many highly successful people who have given away multiple millions of what they own to help others.

charityThe wealthy are often vilified in today’s media, especially by the far left. They don’t deserve to be vilified.Most successful small businesses are started by people with a dream. Many come from middle or lower social class families.  They deserve to be glorified and praised. They create millions of jobs, and are a main reason our economy works.

But among the mega-rich – those with billion dollar net worths, donors intentions begin to change. That is really the focus of this article.

Among  the very rich many endure feelings of extreme guilt for being immensely wealthy, especially those that inherited their money, as they did nothing to earn it except to be born into the right family.

For the successful entrepreneur their guilt might come from a combination of other reasons; their enormous good fortune often building upon the failure of others, and also to ease their conscious for the transgressions they have committed against competitors on their way to the top.

Altruism as a motivation is certainly present but it is not the primary motivation as you might think.

The very rich also feel immense peer pressure from knowledge that other similar wealthy people have given large donations and they fear exposure and loathing if they don’t give. They are in the public eye. They often give for the wrong reasons.

Remember that for the super rich, giving is more about what others think about them for giving, rather than how they feel about themselves.

The media plays right into this. Look at the attention they receive.

The charities that receive those donations are of course thrilled to get them. They rarely criticize their donors. Donations are after all still donations no matter who gives them and charities can use every dime to aid their cause.

But don’t mistake mega-wealthy donors for heroes. Heroes give much much more of themselves, and they expect nothing in return. They do what they do because the situation at that instant in time requires it. Heroes often risk their lives for others. Heroes sometimes die helping others. Heroes are selfless. Mega-wealthy donors get huge tax breaks for their donations, and favorable publicity.

Your personal gift is more likely to be, at least percentage wise, as great as anything given by anyone famous. There are a few exceptions, of course and it’s good that there are.

Rare people like Warren Buffet make a huge difference as do people like you, who perhaps  also came from humble beginnings and lived at least part of your lives in poverty.

I encourage all who can to support causes near to their heart.  Don’t misunderstand, I am very happy that the mega wealthy donate and support wonderful causes. Those same motivations to give were once felt by Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, and others for the same reasons the rich give today.  Wonderful things came about as a result.

What are your thoughts on giving? Do you donate to a cause?

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