Why and Why Why is Important?

Isn’t it amazing that one word can pose such an insightful question?  WHY commands explanation. It asks the cause of the effect. The answer to WHY is often not readily known. WHY can be a mystery.

WHY is a word of wonder. It is a word of curiosity. It is very old.  Though not in each circumstance, WHY can have an infinite number of answers because WHY can have an infinite number of causes.

WHY can ask about the tragic outcome of what seems beyond our understanding.  It can ask about the occurrence of miraculous events defying incredible odds.

Why isWHY is related to another word of question, HOW? They are distinctively different. WHY as mentioned previously, asks for the cause of the matter, while HOW asks the operation through which the cause functions. In our mind, they are often inextricably linked.

Our species began somewhere around 200,000 years ago. Neanderthal remains have been dated to perhaps 400,000 years ago. Somewhere in that distant past, perhaps even before beings had the ability to vocalize a word, they most certainly would have wondered about the occurrence of many events in their world and wondered WHY? The question would have formed in their brains even before they had the ability to vocalize it.

For anyone with young children riding in a car, WHY can drive you nuts. But WHY is an unlocked door. It tells us the person asking WHY, wants to learn. It is an invitation from the person asking WHY to open the door and too teach the one asking WHY.

I often used to be most frustrated when I asked my parents WHY? In their circumstance where they simply didn’t know an answer, it was often answered with two words: “just because”. That didn’t seem like an answer to me. It certainly was not the explanation I sought. WHY, therefore is an opportunity. It is a chance for YOU to learn; to find out WHY. Then you can teach the answer to the one who asked you.

There are cultures that discourage WHY. They are rooted in traditions that have taken hold unchallenged over time and those in control do not wish those traditions to be overturned. Fortunately for mankind, WHY is wired in to our brains. Even in a repressive regime, we still wonder WHY. Even if we cannot express it we ask WHY?

If you think about it, our modern world was created by WHY (and HOW too). It was the curiosity to wonder WHY things occurred that led us to act to understanding our world around us, and to take a step further and see if we could recreate events. This was the catalyst for experiment. It allowed man to begin to manipulate his environment and try to take control of his destiny. This allowed understanding. It allowed invention. It has allowed most everything we use every day of our lives.

WHY? Just because.

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