Women – Should They Have Big Leadership Roles?

Should women have big leadership roles?

My short answer is: OF COURSE WOMEN SHOULD, and especially when they are the best qualified person to fill the role. WHY would you EVER exclude someone – if they are the best qualified person? You have asked, of course, a larger question and it includes other ways of human classification.

Let’s reason through the issue. First, I’ll start by giving you my general opinion on how I would choose a person to fill a position.

women in leadership rolesWhat is my goal in filling a position? What characteristics are required for the job? Does it require nerdy mental abilities, or great people skills? Is it a position where the person needs to be able to effectively manage others? Does it require a tough person who can make tough decisions like firing people from their jobs? Is it a left brained or right brained position? In some cases I might hire an academically lesser qualified candidate if I thought the over-all effect on the group would be better for productivity. In other cases, such as if I was trying to design a new inter-planetary spacecraft, I might need the brain power of a socially dysfunctional genius.

My desire is to hire the absolute best person I can find to fill the role.  Therefore, someone who has great work ethic, might need to have creative talent, have people skills, and the education and understanding and experience with the subject matter to do the job.

Women specific roles?

Depending on the job responsibilities, the person might be able to come in with little or no experience.  If I feel they can GROW into the position – sort of like a Major League team bringing up a pitcher from Triple A ball. The new pitcher knows what to do, but it’s a whole new environment competing against a whole new class of players.

Lets make gender-blind, orientation-blind, color-blind, religion-blind, age-blind, handicapped-blind decisions. I don’t take into account the religion, orientation, race, gender, age of the person, or regard that they are handicapped.

I do care about the person, their feelings, and their dreams.  But I don’t care about other factors  if they  have no bearing on being the best person for the job.

There clearly are some jobs that most men do better than most women. There are also some jobs that are done better by most women then by most men. The majority of jobs work well with either gender.

Let me remind you that more women are getting college degrees these days and with far better GPAs on average than men. Pick your leaders because of who they are as people, not because they do or don’t wear a skirt, or a pant-suit.

What do you think? Should women have big leadership roles?


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