The Worst Thing That Ever Happened in My Life!

Most if us have had traumatic experiences. At the time we might think it was the worst thing that has ever happened. Perhaps it was the worst event at that point, but life has a way of throwing more things in our paths.

worst thingSomething worse may come our way – my way or your way. I hope not, for all of our sakes.

You do need to pay attention to what is going on around you- physically, financially, personally. Remain alert. Don’t let life catch you off guard.

Don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk. That doesn’t mean to not take chances. We all take chances. But don’t take stupid chances.

It’s probability really- so mathematically likely to occur considering the number of possible events and the number of people-

For me, my most emotionally traumatic event (the worst thing) was my divorce from my first wife, a woman who at the time I really loved.

A divorce isn’t just from your wife, or husband, it’s often from your former family, and from the life you lived up until that point.

I accept the responsibility for creating that chaos and all the problems and pain it caused my ex-wife and now grown children. We are actually all still very close.

Tragedy means change. You will be thrust out of your comfort zone into anarchy.

I have had to deal, too with the death of my parents, of beloved pets, of business failures and difficulties, of many things.

Most importantly though, is how you react to those things. They are awful at the time- they are still awful- but often positive things come from “the worst thing”.

worst thingWe learn of our behaviors and the mistakes we have made, of the things we wish we could do over, of the impact of our selfishness, of those we deeply loved but took for granted, and of those no longer in our lives.

We learn NOT to take people for granted and to value people and our friendships more.

Hopefully we learn to cherish life. Learn to forgive yourself and to forgive others. Become a positive influence.

In my case I married again and have another woman I love dearly and two more wonderful children I would never have had in my life if I had not divorced from my first wife.

Great things can come from bad things.

Life’s lesson is to do your best to avoid calamity but to survive it once it happens. Don’t let an event rule over your life. Empower yourself. Make yourself stronger. Overcome it, so that you are wiser for the experience.

As I said, good things will often follow and you should be open and aware of them. Take advantage of those good things.

Wisdom learned from life’s experiences adds up to maturity. It makes us wiser but only if we use the knowledge and evolve as beings and move ever forward into that uncertain future.

What events have you had in your life? How have you coped with it?

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