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Would a Complete Ban on the Manufacture, Sale and Possession of Automatic Weapons by Non-Crime Enforcement Persons in the United States Save Lives?

In reality banning ANYTHING saves lives. If you banned swimming pools, think of the toddlers you could save from accidental drownings. Ban hotdogs and prevent choking deaths; the same with those giant gumballs. Ban cars and you could prevent auto accidents. Ban alcohol and you can prevent drunk driving. Ban freedom and you can subjugate the entire population.

We already went through a time such as this in history – before the invention of the pistol or rifle. In those days, men still slaughtered each other, but with swords and broadaxes, pikes and cleavers. Personally I’d rather be shot than be cleaved.

Automatic Weapons are already illegal to own and possess except in VERY, VERY limited situations such as with certain gun violencevetted private collectors. Semi-automatic weapons are legal to own. Even there some states and cities have placed restrictions on what may be legally owned and possessed within their borders.

Who uses these weapons against other people? Gee – maybe CRIMINALS? Do you seriously think that the legality of a weapon affects the decision of an ISIS terrorist to use it? Would a bank robber make a different selection of weapon because to use an automatic weapon is illegal? He’s already committing a felony! He doesn’t care! He’s a BANK ROBBER (or a TERRORIST). He’s a criminal. He doesn’t obey the law. That’s why he’s a criminal.

WHO doesn’t own these weapons? People like me don’t own them, because we obey the law. Does that put me at an extreme disadvantage if we ever have a breakdown in society and chaos reigns? You bet it does!

When might that happen? I can think of plenty of examples. The BIG EARTHQUAKE in California when water, food, fuel, transportation, medical aid, pharmaceuticals, virtually everything is unavailable will trigger a lot of bad behavior.

Watch your television or internet news. Frustrated, angry people riot; they loot; they become criminals themselves. They take by force what they want. Reason flies out the window. BUT do you seriously think that if they knew that the people they were victimizing had access to serious weapons that they wouldn’t think twice about it going there? Think about burglars – they avoid houses with alarms and I’ll bet people they KNOW have weapons inside. The more serious the weapon, the more serious the deterrent.

How about weapons bans in history? Jews were slaughtered in the Warsaw Ghetto. If they’d had weapons do you think they wouldn’t have defended themselves? A few did, and they had to take many of those weapons from the Nazi’s. Would they have still lost – probably – but they could have potentially have killed thousands of Nazis. Aggressors STOP being aggressors when the price of victory is too high.

What about the Serb attack on Kosovo – who, by the way, we refused to supply with weapons to defend themselves? Would the Serbs have thought twice about genocide if they’d been picked off by the thousands? What about the Armenians murdered by Turks, or in the Killing Fields of Cambodia, or the massive slaughter of people in Africa by criminal radical Islam insurgents, or the people of Syria that begged for our help, but our leader after drawing the line in the sand, did nothing.

Our reality is that some people are vicious. Some kill people. Some brutalize people. Bad organizations, like ISIS are filled with and run by bad people. Bad governments such as in North Korea are run by bad people. Sometimes good governments evolve into bad governments. Enforcers in bad government do what they are told. That means unreasonable behavior may someday be directed AGAINST YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS.

There may come a day where it is necessary to stand up and defend your family, your property, yourself. You might even die doing it.

I, for one, even though I don’t own a gun, want access to buy weapons that will repel an offensive against those I wish to protect, and where collectively, many of us can repel an army of bad guys. I want the freedom to make the choice. I don’t want politicians deciding what I can own or not own – they want control. They can become the bad guys in some situations. Every restriction on means to defend against tyranny started with a command to take those means away by a leader or government.

There needs to be a national weapon standard that conforms to our Constitution. Anything on that list that conforms to the Constitution should be available to everyone throughout the country.

Criminals already have access to weapons of all sorts, illegal or otherwise. The laws already exist that prohibit their access, yet they ignore them.

Enforce the laws, protect our citizens, and let us have the choice to protect ourselves.

What do you think? Would a Complete Ban on the Manufacture, Sale and Possession of Automatic Weapons by Non-Crime Enforcement Persons in the United States Save Lives?




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